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Isothermal vehicle

Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for the transport of perishable goods (ATP). Made of polyester resin registered and licensed by the Ministry of Health for use in Food Industry.


Fabrication of isothermal vehicles, with Industrial Registration No. 75419, built from fiberglass reinforced polyester.

Characteristics of isothermal vehicles


Thermal insulation using paneling model systems, kits and rough; as finish vehicle finish (depending on models).
Including doors and floor.


The vehicle assembly consists of the following phases:


  1. Mounting partition wall between cabin and cargo compartment.
  2. Total insulation in the cargo area with rigid polyurethane.
  3. Complete lining with fiberglass reinforced polyester, applying polyester gel-coat at the end.

Works with 2 year warranty

In all our work we do on vehicles or vans Isothermal offer a 2 year warranty.

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